Våre skandinaviske sendelektorer

Johannes, Jens, Susanna

Scandinavian studies in Prague

The Department for Scandinavian Studies at the Faculty of Arts represents the only all-Scandinavian department in the Czech Republic.

The individual programmes of Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish have been taught at the Faculty of Arts at Charles University continuously since 1969.

Besides the Czech members of the academic staff, the department also has three lecturers who are native speakers from Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

Aside from studying these languages, it is also possible to attend courses on Old Norse here and, irregularly, modern Icelandic.

Currently, they are housed within the Section for Scandinavian Studies at the Department of Germanic Studies.


Scope and objective of study

The Scandinavian languages (Danish, Norwegian and Swedish) can be studied:

  • in a bachelor’s programme of study
  • in a master’s programme of study
  • in a doctoral programme of study

The study of individual Scandinavian languages is a philological discipline focused on mastering the chosen language and learning about the literature of Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and optionally Iceland). The main objective of Scandinavian Studies at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University is to master the basics of linguistics and literary criticism with regard both to the language selected and to the North Germanic language group in its entirety.


Our Norwegian speaking team

Our Norwegian speaking team consist of  Martin Humpál, professor of literature; linguist  Pavel Dubec; lecturer Jens Nielsen,  linguist  and historian Vendula Hingarová.


Our Danish speaking team

Our Danish speaking team consist of Danish lecturer Johannes Eske Andersen and section leader and literature scholar Helena Březinová.

and historian Vendula Hingarová.


Our Swedish speaking team

Our Swedish speaking team consist of linguist Hana Štěříková and lecturer Susanna Hofmann.