• Syntactic and FSP Aspects of the Existential Construction in Norwegian

Pavel Dubec

Karolinum, Praha 2019

The book discusses the information structure approach as introduced by the Prague linguistic circle and elaborated, in the first place, by Jan Firbas, one of the key persons in the field of functional sentence perspective (FSP), and further by Aleš Svoboda, Libuše Dušková or Martin Adam. It explores the Norwegian existential construction from the syntactic and FSP points of view but also discusses selected FSP aspects in general. The theory of functional sentence perspective has been attested to multiple languages such as Czech, English, German, Russian, French, Italian or Spanish. This book attempts, among other things, to attest its applicability to Norwegian, and thus demonstrate its universal nature, at least in the field of Indo-European languages.


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AUC PHILOLOGICAAUC Philologica (Acta Universitatis Carolinae Philologica) is an academic journal published by Charles University. It publishes scholarly articles in a large number of disciplines (English, German, Greek and Latin, Oriental, Romance and Slavonic studies, as well as in phonetics and translation studies), both on linguistic and on literary

 and cultural topics. Apart from articles it publishes reviews of new academic books or special issues of academic journals




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Slavící, mořské víly a bolavé zuby. Helena Březinová

First Czech monography about H. C. Andersen story tales.

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Nesmrtelní vikingové: Staroseverské motivy v novodobé literatuřeKristýna Králová, Magdaléna Králová

Hermann a synové, Praha 2017


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Trans-atlantic migration. Czech and Scandinavian Perspectives on History, Literature, and Language.

Vendula V. HINGAROVÁ – Ellen M. JENSEN (eds.)

The publication in nine chapters presents selected topics from the history of emigration to North and South America, where in the 19th and 20th centuries a significant migration flow from the Czech lands and Scandinavia was directed.




Moderní skandinávské literatury

Martin Humpál, Helena Kadečková, Viola Parente-Čapková

Karolinum, Praha 2013

1. edition – 2006


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The book Sámi people — Language, Literature and community is the first comprehensive contribution to the study of indigenous peoples of northern Scandinavia in the Czech Republic. 16 articals by Czech and Sámi authors, translation of Sámi poems  into the Czech language, 420 pages.

Jon Todal: On Sociolinguistics in Sámi Context (in English)

V. Hingarová: Vitality of current Sámi language

K. Somby: Sámi media and the developemt of Sámi society

M. Kovář: Notes to the question of Sámi (national) epos.

H. Gaski: Overview about Sámi literature


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