Memorabilia II.

Project: Czech-Nordic Memorabilia II – Democracy and Active Citizenship in Higher

Czech partner: Charles University, Scandinavian Studies

Norwegian partner: NTNU (Department of Modern History and Dept. of Teacher Education)

Period of realization: 2022-2024

Research area: Czech—Norwegian war relations, Czechoslovaks citizens in occupied Norway,

forced labour of foreigners in Norway


Project team members:


Project summary

The project “Czech-Nordic Memorabilia II – Democracy and Active Citizenship in University Teaching” deepens the cooperation with the Faculty of Humanities at NTNU and newly establishes the cooperation with the Faculty of Education at NTNU. The project innovates existing obligatory courses on Scandinavian history and society and, as for the Norwegian side, incorporates new findings from research on Czechoslovak citizens in occupied Norway and specially forced labour of Czechs in Norway into the study materials. The project offers an opportunity for the early stage scholars of Scandinavian studies to enrol on new academic courses. A new practical course with field experience will be created for the students of the last classes, which aims to improve the employability of graduates of minor disciplines.
The project works with the themes of democratisation and active citizenship in the teaching of history and develops bilateral cooperation in exploring common historical milestones. The project will organise four round tables on active citizenship in university teaching and on Czech and Norwegian war history. The popularisation outcome is an exhibition project on the Holocaust in Scandinavia.

Project activity:

  • Innovation of course curricula: Scandinavian History; Scandinavian Society, Culture and Politics
  • On-line interactive map about Scandinavian encounters in Czech lands
  • Teaching support for early stage postdocs. and  scholars
  • New teaching materials about  Czechoslovac citizens in occupied Norway and Czech forced labour
  • Peer-learning meetings in Trondhiem and Praha
    • Sept. 2022: Praha: Grey zones in WWII history – good practice sharing
    • Spring 2023: Trondheim:  Democracy and Active Citizenship in university teaching – examples from
    • August 2023: Trondheim: Roundtable on Forced labour and historical sources in Norway
    • Autumn 2023: Praha: Roundtable onForced labour and historical sources in the Czech Republic
  • Peer-learning activities in Czech Republic and Norway (2019-2024)
  • Exhibition about Danes in Terezin concentration camp during WWII


Project supported by EEA Grants – Institutional cooperation project, EHP-CZ-ICP-4-009

More information about EEA Grants here







FB Skandinavistika, 15.5. 2023 / Peerlearning Trondheim 2023

FB Skandinavistika 14: 5. 2023 / Exhibition and invited lecture, presentation of the catalogue and the historyf the Czechs in Trondheim

FB Ruskammeret Trondheim 14.5. 2023 / Exhibition opening and invited lecture

FB Rustkammeret Trondheim

Twitter Czech Embassy in Oslo, 10.5. 2023







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