Project: Czech – Norwegian Memorabilia: university bilateral cooperation

Czech partner: Charles University, Scandinavian Studies

Norwegian partner: NTNU (Department of History)

Period of realization: 2019-2022

Research area: Czech—Norwegian war relations, forced labor of foreigners in Norway

Project activity:

  • Semester couses about Czech – Norwegian war relations (2020-2021)
  • Website about Czechs forced labor in Norway —
  • On-line database of Czechs in Norway (enter here)
  • Bilingual edition of historical materials (2021)
  • Peer-learning activities in Czech Republic and Norway (2019-2020)
  • Exhibition about Czechs in Norway during WWII
  • Workshop on lappanologist Vaclav Marek

Project team members:


  • Zdenko Maršálek
  • Gabriela Králová

Project summary

The project Czech-Norwegian Memorabilia develops bilateral cooperation between the Department of Germanic Studies, Charles University, and Department of History, University of Trondheim, in the field of Norwegian and Czech history in the first half of 20th century. The main topics of the project are the Czech forced workers in Norway during WWII, the Czechoslovak exile in Norway in the years after 1948 and endeavor of the Czech Lappologist and historian of Scandinavia Václav Marek. The project offers an opportunity to share research and archival material among Norwegian and Czech experts in the war history. It enables innovative usage of teaching methods and possible growing of new experts. The project outcomes are new curricula, archival materials’ edition, an electronic database of memorabilia, a travelling exhibition and three roundtables

Project supported by EEA Grants – Institutional cooperation project, EHP-CZ-ICP-1-001

More information about EEA Grants zde



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